Party Antics

Fantastic fun, favors and festivities to compliment any event. Regardless of the event you’re planning, we’ve got the activity or keepsake you’ve been looking for:

Air Brushed tees, tanks, tops and totes, pillowcases and sweatshirts - Custom graffiti/elegant art on everything
Air Hockey - Perfect for the Wayne Gretsky in you/your guests
Andy Warhol Pop Art - The most authentically fake Andy Warhol pictures of your guests available. So cool!
Balloon designer - Live, quick and always a hit with the younger crowd
Basketball Hoops - Cocktail hour or main event, always a hit
Blinged Out Favors - Make a statement with LED belts and dog tags
Bull Riding - Yep, that's right. How long do you think you ride on of these?
Candy Cart, Candy Wall - Staff attended, dramatic and featuring all your favorites
Candy Sushi - Our professional Candy Sushi Chef creates real looking sushi that is made of nothing but sweet sweet candies and treats
Caricaturist - Artistic renderings to drop jaws
Carnival games - Flop a frog, tin can alley, Tip-a-Troll, Goldfish, etc.
Casino Gaming Tables - Blackjack, Slot Machines, Texas Holdem, Roulette and Craps
Cell Phone Skins - Match your cel decor phone to your personality
Cigar Roller - Perfect for weddings and corporate events
Cotton Candy Machine - Perfect for the candy aficionado
Crystal Photos - Lucite photo keepsakes that never fade
Dance Heads - Video recording booth
Deal or No Deal - Howie Mandell look-a-like and all. Big fun!
Etch-a-Sketch Portraits - Bring The Etch-a-Sketch Man to your party - The words fastest
Flip Books - Mini "silent movie" style photo keepsakes
Flip Flop Stop - Perfect for the beach theme. Customized flip flops for all
Fly Guys - A real attention grabber - 3 sizes to choose from 9', 18' and 28'
Foosball - A wonderful compliment to our other amusement
Fortune Teller - So, is there any dancing in your future?
Giant Twister Games - Each board is 20 feet by 20 feet - Combine boards to occupy over 100 people
Glitter Tattoo's - Temporary tattoos that stand out in a crowd
Glow Body Art - Insane glowing body paint transforms your appearance under our black lights
Green Screen Photography - Place your guests in Paris or Greece. It's so easy
Hair Braiding - Wonderful for beach and island-themes
Hair Feathers - Lasts up to 3 months - feather extension that blend with any style
iPhotoSocial - New and socially engaging - Think outside the photo booth
Japanese Candy Art - unique and appealing candy sculpture can be magically made in minutes
Karaoke - One name, one meaning, big fun
Laser Nail Art - The ladies love it! Pick your design and have it temporarily lasered onto your nails
Living Tables - Banquet tables that interact with your guests - Very elegant
Magazine Covers - You & your guests on the covers of their choice
Military Dog Tags - The Real Thing! Chrome or colored - 100 per hour
Mobile Arcade Systems - We carry every game you can imagine
Money Machine - The real thing! Metal encased and exciting to play/watch. Custom funny money with every rental
NASCRAB Racing - Hermit Crab racing just like in the Islands, albeit with Jeff Gordon
Perfume - Make your own - To each, his/her own custom fragrance
Petting Zoo - Bring in your favorite animal for the evening. Amaze your guests.
Photo booths - Mainstream and still a favorite
Photo Fun - Your guests photo's printed and fun-framed.
Pucker Powder - Giant Pixie Sticks (Kosher by request). Goes perfect with our other candy stations
Putt Putt Golf - Show Tiger Woods that there's no windmill that can stop you!
Rice Necklaces and Bead Bonanza - Small and personalized for the "fashionista" in you
Sand Art - Wonderful activity for birthday parties
Skeeball - An arcade favorite, quick turnover, lots of interaction
Snow globes and Bobble Heads - The perfect compliment to our photo fun
Speed Performance Painter - Our speed painter will paint celebrity portraits and patriotic paintings in under 5 minutes
Speed Pitch - The perfect activity for any sports themed event. How good is your arm?
Spin-To-Win - Giant Wheel of Fortune
Step and Repeat Walls - Red Carpet or not, we'll make you feel like a star
Tattoo/Body Art - Express yourself - loved by all
The Rubik’s Cube Challenge - Challenge your guests to solve this puzzle as fast as our master
VIP/Backstage Passes - Same size/material as a credit card - everyone's photo included
Wax Hands - True life sized wax impressions of your hands

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