About Us


Zazz Events, LLC was conceived through a partnership of two of South Florida's most successful event production companies; Platinum Gold Entertainment, Inc., and Mthree Productions Inc.. Our decision to come together after over 20 years of individual success was one of shared history, mutual admiration, common goals, as well as more than a few, "can you imagine's".

We basically said to one another, can you imagine the value we could offer our clients by combining our deep talent pools as well as our vast experience/ body of work. "Imagine" combining our networks of industry professionals and respective inventory of concert series trussing, lighting, video projection/production equipment and staging? Can you imagine the out-of-the-box ideas our combined resources could conceive, produce and execute? Purely kinetic.

We collectively imagined and subsequently formed a boutique event production corporation whose services remain unique to every clients' ideas, theme, budget and preference. Special emphasis is placed on our exclusive “concept to completion” services. Once you’ve added Zazz to your event, all of the above is at your disposal.

It all quite simply, made sense.
We created, Zazz Events.